The Chaparral Bulldog Club (CBC) is the only bulldog club in New Mexico. We are dedicated to the enriching lives of our wonderful companion: The Bulldog. We always welcome new members who are interested in learning more about the breed.From students, to families, to retired people we all share one common interest: BULLDOGS!
The CBC is for both show and pet owners alike. We meet every month or more to talk about the breed, manage events and at times to work on obedience and show training. Members of the CBC are always happy to help educate people on health issues, breeding questions, and whatever else that may arise. Enjoy your visit and check back soon for updates!

Our History

The Chaparral Bulldog Club was founded in 1964 by Ancil Morton. Today you can find offspring to his line of breeding throughout New Mexico. The club held its first AKC licensed Specialty Show on May 9, 1969, with a total of 25 Bulldogs. During the club's many years of existence, our membership has turned over a few times with a few old timers still with us, shedding wisdom and knowledge with anyone who will ask of them. Although the club has had many members through the years, we currently have a diverse group of people involved in the club with great new ideas for the future.


The Chaparral Bulldog Club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership as it pertains to our unique breed. We want to encourage all bulldog lovers to accept the Standard of our breed as approved by the Bulldog Club of America (BCA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the only Standard of Excellence by which bulldogs should be judged. By showing in competition, our breeders and exhibitors are presenting the fine quality dogs that we strive for. By spending time with our bullies, we find true companionship: personality-plus, loyalty, gentleness, and all the qualities of `the perfect family pet.'

So, if you own a bully pet or are interested in learning to show, you are welcomed in the Chaparral Bulldog Club.